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Years of Tradition
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Delta State University is a public institution providing a comprehensive undergraduate and graduate curriculum to approximately 3,500 students representing all of the states and 50 different countries. Dozens of degree programs on the undergraduate level provide educational opportunities in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, and Education and in the Robert E. Smith School of Nursing. Graduate programs on the master’s, educational specialist, and doctoral levels provide advanced training in a broad range of disciplines.

Acknowledging its beginning as a teacher’s college, the University sustains excellence in teacher education while continuing to expand offerings in traditional as well as unique programs of study. From the core disciplines such as arts, humanities, and sciences, to unique programs such as Commercial Aviation, the Delta Music Institute, and the nationally-recognized Geospatial Information Technology program, the University is committed to meeting the evolving needs of the students it serves.


The Okra

  • A student-created mascot turned legend. Fear of the Okra may not be actual fear, but it’s enough to get a crowd going.

Cookouts on the Quad

  • There seems to always be someone cooking something good on the Quad. We guarantee the entertainment will be fun and the food will be good!

Music Everywhere

  • The beautiful noise of music can frequently be heard across campus, in buildings, at every event, and even impromptu gatherings. Our talent cannot hide here.
Springfest…and ALL other FESTS!

  • Delta State & Cleveland are not shy to have a festival to bring people together for food, fun, and activity. Some festivals include Octoberfest, Italian Fest, Otherfest, & Crosstie Arts Festival.

Pig Pickin…A Funny Name for a Fun Tradition

  • This annual event is known for its party, cooking competition, pep rally, and football game. Pig Pickin’ is the time to visit!

Expression & Art

  • Not only can our students sing, they can paint, sculpt, mold, photograph, design, and create. Delta State’s beauty is enhanced with works of art from our creative bodies.

Strong Values

Our Vision

Students at Delta State University will learn and grow in an environment that fosters discovery and creativity. The institution intends to be the best regional university in America as it combines a heritage of academic strength with a robust commitment to serving people and communities, particularly in the Mississippi Delta.

Our Mission

As a regional Carnegie Master’s I university located in Cleveland, Mississippi, Delta State University serves as an educational and cultural center for the Mississippi Delta, emphasizing service to the Delta and contiguous counties in traditional and distance education formats. The University offers undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs of study leading to baccalaureate and master’s degrees in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business and Aviation, Education and Human Sciences, and the School of Nursing, as well as the Educational Specialist degree and Doctorates in Education and Nursing Practice. Emphasis is placed on excellence in instruction, followed by service and research, in the creation of a community of scholars. With special attention to small classes, a friendly environment, and a broad liberal arts foundation, the University encourages significant student-faculty interactions. Delta State provides programs and services that promote intellectual, cultural, ethical, physical, and social development. Students from different cultural, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds will develop the ability to respect and value others; to develop, assess, and express their own thoughts effectively; and, to use the techniques of research and performance associated with their disciplines.

Approved by IHL, October 19, 2017

Statement of Ethics

Delta State University is a community of individuals – faculty, staff, and students – recognizing the institution’s mission and dedicated to its fulfillment. To that end, each member of the community pledges his/her best effort. Integrity, civility, accountability, and a commitment to excellence govern behavior. Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies is expected and accepted as the standard for the community.

Guiding Principles

Acknowledging its beginnings as a teacher’s college, the University sustains excellence in teacher education while also continuing to expand offerings in traditional as well as new areas of study. From the core disciplines such as arts, humanities, and sciences to unique programs such as commercial aviation and community development, the University is committed to meeting the ever-changing and evolving needs of the students it serves. It sustains quality in those programs by maintaining accreditation of all programs for which an accrediting agency exists.

Delta State provides programs that cultivate intellectual curiosity and promote scholarship among its students. Through a state-of-the-art library supplemented by a campus network of computer labs, students have access to a full range of information resources in support of learning. The University also acknowledges the importance of student engagement as central to successful learning. Toward that end the University has dedicated its quality enhancement plan as required for regional accreditation to increased student engagement. In support of community engagement and service learning experiences for students, the University has created an office and a faculty role to sustain those efforts.

Delta State recognizes the need for a vibrant creative and performing arts program for its students and the region. The renovation of Jobe Hall provides a state-of-the-art theatre facility for student productions. Through the Bologna Performing Arts Center, the Delta Music Institute, the Janice Wyatt Summer Arts Institute, and a partnership with the Delta Arts Alliance, the University ensures the preservation and enhancement of the arts throughout the region.

Delta State endorses the principles of innovation and experimentation, and makes them a part of its institutional culture. The University acknowledges the importance of an environment where students and faculty can undertake risks and experiment with new ideas.

Delta State promotes mutual respect, teamwork, fairness, and integrity. The University is diligent in working to create a climate where students, employees, and constituents are valued and nurtured. Through an ongoing re-engineering project the University converts these principles into action.

Delta State promotes a campus culture that fosters student development. From an array of student services to a nationally recognized athletic program, the University is dedicated to ensuring that the full range of student needs and interests are met.

Delta State acknowledges its role as a public institution funded largely by the citizens of Mississippi. In recognition of that public trust, the University is committed to high standards of excellence with appropriate emphasis on effectiveness and productivity.

Delta State, in partnership with various organizations, will advance community and economic development in the Delta region to improve the quality of life and raise the educational level of its citizens. Special attention is given to collaboration with our educational partners: Mississippi Valley State University, Coahoma Community College, Mississippi Delta Community College, the Mississippi Department of Education, and the K-12 schools of the Delta. Moreover, the Delta Center for Culture and Learning, the Capps Archives, the Center for Business Research, and the Center for Community and Economic Development provide a structure to ensure University participation in promoting and celebrating the unique heritage of the Delta while also addressing the longstanding social, economic, and cultural challenges that inhibit advancement.

Delta State acknowledges the importance of physical health for its students and the region and extends its resources in support of that goal. Through undergraduate and graduate programs in nursing and preprofessional programs in the sciences, the University provides health care practitioners to serve the State. The University works as the leading partner in the Delta Health Alliance, a collaborative effort with other Delta stakeholders that conducts research and provides education on the health care needs of the region.

The quality of Delta State’s academic programs is central to its educational mission. That quality is affirmed through a dedicated faculty with credentials appropriate to their discipline. The University supports high standards of quality among its faculty and maintains those standards through the Technology Learning Center, a modern faculty development office dedicated to the application of technology to teaching, and through the Kent and Janice Wyatt Faculty Development Program, a University Foundation initiative that provides resources for faculty growth.

Delta State is actively involved in providing programs that train leaders for the twenty-first century. Through partnerships with the Kellogg Foundation, Delta Council, the Delta Regional Authority, and other Delta organizations committed to advancement in the region, the University is confident it can make a difference in the quality and training of the leaders who will serve on behalf of future generations.


Delta State University is more affordable than other regional institutions. Delta State offers financial assistance and student employment. Plus, there are $0 out-of-state fees!

A Place To Fit In

Delta State has a student to faculty ratio of 11:1, significantly smaller than other universities in the state. We also offer a mix of traditional and online classes giving students to take classes that fit their schedule best.


Delta State was rated the #1 RN to BSN online program1 and the #2 most affordable master’s degree in nursing online2.

Delta Music Institute

The DMI features world-class recording facilities, GRAMMY™ U, opportunities with GRAMMY™ Museum Mississippi, and the traveling Mobile Recording Studio.


International students are welcomed in both undergraduate and graduate programs as full-time or exchange students. Delta State provides short term study abroad experiences that allow students to better understand the impact of culture on business.


Delta State is the only 4-year university in the state that offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree in commercial aviation.